Welcome to TRITON

TRITON is a prototype PC/Windows-based software environment for the analysis of bistatic underwater acoustic detection systems in noise and reverberation conditions.

The analysis is performed taking into account range-dependent environmental (hydroacoustic and geoacoustic) characteristics, as well as operational characteristics of involved platforms, including directivity patterns of target and receiver.

TRITON has  a modular design and features electronic maps and user-friendly interfaces for the description of the analyzed systems and supports dynamically interchangeable environmental databases offering global geographic coverage.

The produced results include  transmission loss from source, transmission loss to receiver,  total transmission loss, scattered field intensity at the bottom, transmission loss from bottom to receiver  , bistatic reverberation (directional), signal - to - noise / reverberation ratio and detection areas.

TRITON has been developed by the Wave Propagation group of the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics  of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas  (FORTH/IACM) – Greece.

TRITON Key Features

  • Prediction of bistatic detection performance in noise and reverberation environments
  • 360 coverage around source and receiver
  • Account of directional receiver characteristics(including beam steering)
  • Energy / matched-filter detection
  • Interactive map with coastline / bathymetry features
  • 3D presentation of results on geographical background
  • PC/Windows – no need for additional software

Type of Results

Transmission loss from source 

Transmission loss to receiver

Total transmission loss

Scattered field intensity at the bottom

Transmission loss from bottom to receiver

Bistatic reverberation (directional)

Signal-to-noise/reverberation ratio

Probability of detection (energy/matched filter)

Detection areas



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